SFM Production Controlling

Mea­sur­ing the per­for­mance to opti­mise production

Trans­parency is key to the SFM (Shop Floor Man­age­ment) phi­los­o­phy. FORCAM FORCE™ cre­ates this trans­parency in real-time by visu­al­iz­ing all SFM meth­ods in detail. There is com­pre­hen­sive­ness from the begin­ning of the process to the record­ing of the sig­nal by machine con­trol, which ensures that the per­for­mance indi­ca­tors (OEE, NEE, TEEP) for effi­ciency eval­u­a­tion, are coher­ent. By means of con­fig­urable reports, as well as a vari­ety of eval­u­a­tions (machines, plant, etc.), weak points can be swiftly iden­ti­fied and cor­rected. Effi­ciency increases of up to 20% are eas­ily achievable.


FORCAM FORCE™ Report­ing com­prises a great num­ber of eval­u­a­tions for the work­place, job, mate­r­ial and staff, allow­ing for invalu­able insight regard­ing all pro­duc­tion processes. Online eval­u­a­tions visu­al­ize all pro­duc­tion processes in detail graph­i­cally, as well as in table for­mat. When exactly a com­po­nent was man­u­fac­tured and by which mem­ber of staff – all of that becomes imme­di­ately appar­ent. For even more detailed eval­u­a­tions, the data will be com­pressed in rela­tion to their shifts and the indi­vid­ual jobs.

Run­time process
Sta­tus diagram
Oper­a­tional state in table form

The out­put, the num­ber of rejects, the hits, the oper­a­tional state of sev­eral Machines and the arti­cle (mate­r­ial) can be directly com­pared with each other. Fur­ther­more, the ques­tion as to what caused a par­tic­u­lar machine or arti­cle (mate­r­ial) error will be resolved. The hit-list func­tion iden­ti­fies the most com­mon prob­lems occur­ring at a work­place and which ones take longest to be rec­ti­fied (e.g. Top-Ten, ABC– or Pareto-evaluations).

In addi­tion to the reports pro­vided, the Report Edi­tor allows you to cre­ate your own evaluations.

Per­mis­sions man­age­ment allows for access to reports that are espe­cially tai­lored to a par­tic­u­lar user group. Sim­i­larly, it is pos­si­ble to define, whether all com­pany data is acces­si­ble for all per­son­nel, or only for select workplaces.