Personnel Data

The per­son­nel data mod­ule includes the col­lec­tion of all staff-related data, as well as auto­matic feed­back and per­son­nel time lev­el­ing in SAP HR, ensur­ing a smooth and unin­ter­rupted post­ing procedure.


FORCAM FORCE™ per­mits the auto­matic time allo­ca­tion for machine han­dling and the record­ing of sign in/ sign out mes­sages on Worker Client as well as the data trans­fer from the per­son­nel data sys­tem. By means of the sub­se­quent SFM per­for­mance mea­sur­ing, the atten­dance sta­tus, a post­ing, a chrono­log­i­cal list­ing of all exe­cuted jobs, as well as eval­u­a­tions of oper­a­tional states and wage types can all be visu­al­ized and indicated.

Per­son­nel data: post­ing options

Due to the many dif­fer­ent oper­a­tional con­di­tions, fully indi­vid­ual scal­ing with regard to per­son­nel (direct – anony­mous – group), as well as the link-up with time record­ing sys­tems, is enabled.