Production Data Management and DNC

The elec­tronic pro­duc­tion folder. All infor­ma­tion needed for the work process is made avail­able to the worker in real-time via our FORCAM‘s pro­duc­tion data man­age­ment. All related pro­duc­tion data (NC pro­grammes, tools 3D mod­els, etc..) can be eas­ily man­aged and visu­al­ized using freely defin­able search terms. Jobs are auto­mat­i­cally adopted by the ERP sys­tem and linked to pro­duc­tion rel­e­vant infor­ma­tion. For instance, CADCAM, or PLM sys­tems. Thus, depend­ing on the work process, NC-programmes can be recalled and trans­mit­ted to var­i­ous NC machine controls.


Here, man­u­fac­tur­ing related data (NC pro­grammes, draw­ings, setup sheets etc…) used at the worker client HMI, can be man­aged in a folder. Using freely defin­able key terms, these are visu­alised (elec­tronic pro­duc­tion folder) in Worker Client HMI (Touch).

Man­age­ment in Office Client
Worker Client, trans­mis­sion of NC programmes

The data import/ export for PLM / doc­u­ment man­age­ment can run fully auto­mat­i­cally. Besides being stored in a data base, all doc­u­ments may also be stored in a sep­a­rate file direc­tory (e.g. emer­gency con­cept). NC Pro­gramme can be directly trans­mit­ted to the machine via DNC (trig­gered in Client or via con­trol as a recall pro­gramme). Pro­grammes retrans­mit­ted by the machine can be eas­ily fil­tered and com­pared with the orig­i­nal pro­gramme. A fully auto­matic sur­veil­lance and pro­tec­tion of all NC pro­grammes used is also pos­si­ble (Auto-Compare). Man­i­fold man­age­ment options for the con­trolled and safe man­age­ment of all pro­duc­tion data com­plete the per­for­mance range.

Tool man­age­ment
Fur­ther addi­tional inte­gra­tion can be achieved using TDM sys­tems. The tool man­age­ment syn­chro­nises NC data man­age­ment with job man­age­ment and tool admin­is­tra­tion. Tools of a machine are included in the tool require­ment cal­cu­la­tion. Changes to the job back­log (plan­ning), ter­mi­na­tion of jobs, tool break­age mes­sages, are all included in a closed cycle

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