Adapter for SAP ERP

The Adapter for SAP ERP pro­vides a seam­less, bidi­rec­tional, real-time link between ERP and pro­duc­tion (machine tools, assem­bly and process). The adapter was co-developed with IBM and is char­ac­ter­ized by trans­parency and flex­i­bil­ity, regard­ing to the inte­gra­tion, clar­ity and con­trol­la­bil­ity of the system.

Eco­nomic advan­tages of a lean inte­gra­tion solu­tion: The adapter is imple­mented accord­ing to stan­dard, no SAP stan­dard mod­i­fi­ca­tions are nec­es­sary. Also, no addi­tional SAP licences are required!


An ABAP pro­gramme runs in SAP which reads job data, machine capac­ity (shifts) and mas­ter data, and is then seam­lessly trans­ferred to FORCAM FORCE™. The data trans­fer con­di­tions are con­fig­urable. The ready sig­nal sta­tus for jobs, work­places and indi­vid­u­als is car­ried out via indi­vid­ual trans­ac­tions, all of which receive their own dis­tinc­tive ID. In SAP, an MES-distributor col­lects all the data, car­ry­ing out all con­fig­urable actions. Due to the dis­tinct ID all, ready sig­nals are iden­ti­fi­able. Thus, by can­celling the orig­i­nal mes­sage and cre­at­ing a new post­ing, each mod­i­fi­ca­tion in FORCAM FORCE™ can be cor­rected in SAP (cor­rec­tion function).

Com­mu­ni­ca­tion based on var­i­ous tech­nolo­gies (RFC/IDOC, SOA, PI, …) per­mits, for instance:

  • Link-up via SAP-module PP to event-triggered sup­ply of jobs, oper­a­tions includ­ing all cor­re­spond­ing infor­ma­tion such as addi­tional tools, mate­r­ial, components
  • Ready Signal/ post­ing of shop-floor data (quan­tity, times) via all, ready sig­nal data
  • Time record­ing (sign-in/ sign-out/ breaks), includ­ing the cre­ation of payslips, e.g. for time pay, sin­gle or group piece­work via SAP HR link-up or sim­i­lar per­son­nel systems
SAP — Fac­tory Frame­work Integration
  • Con­tin­u­ous inte­gra­tion of main­te­nance processes (SAP PM)
  • Post­ing of qual­ity mes­sages and machine mal­func­tions in QM
  • Post­ing of goods issue, goods receipt, and var­i­ous allo­ca­tion ele­ments from PS, CO, MM with ser­vices as recorded in MES
  • Con­sis­tent, linked-up cor­rec­tions in MES and SAP