Machine Data Collection

The higher the proportion of automatically collected machine data signals, the better the data quality with less reporting effort. Since generally it takes decades for the machinery to grow, machine controls have a tendency to be heterogeneous. FORCAM FORCE™ offers a flexible machine connector for automatic data collection.


FORCAM FORCE™ allows for the collection, editing and saving of data from a variety of sources, as well as for the graphic and tabular visualization of the results. The automation control (SPS, CNC, PC) of the plant, equipment, measuring tools, checking facilities – they can all be data suppliers as well as data recipients. Sensors may also be linked through so-called fieldbus controllers, and last but not least machine operators may also enter and correct data, should that be required or necessary.

For the connection of various controls, a number of physical and logical combinations are optimally supported:

  • S5 S7 TCP/IP native, RFC1006, Modbus etc.
  • Cyclically polled or via event triggered transmission from control
  • Direct access to digital or analogous signals (voltage/ electricity)
  • Connection via available network, co-processor CP, MPI, …
  • Access to Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Fanuc etc.
  • Standards such as OPC, RPC, MT-Connect
Flexible connection of machine controls

After collection all data will be normalized via an integrated scripted language. Using logic, the data is then connected to status information. The malfunction mapping enables the easy allocation of error messages to error texts, and the classification into a multi-level error hierarchy.

 Standard signals for the collection of machine data are: machine on/ off, production/ downtime, quantity and malfunction as a collective message.

In order to facilitate maintenance and the execution of system modifications through in-house maintenance, configuration is carried out via the web interface of FORCAM FORCE™.