Order Data Management

Optimal overview for Production office & Shop-floor: FORCAM FORCE™ Order Data Management gives a comprehensive overview of the orders in production, thus providing the shop-floor with order related information to and from the ERP system. Managers, supervisors and workers are able to identify which orders are currently in production, what the current production state they’re in is and they can display the order queue.


Planned orders released by the ERP system will automatically be transferred to FORCAM FORCE™. The orders can be clearly displayed including all related information, to the production engineer in Office-Client and to the worker in Worker-Client configurable filters allow for easy location of orders. Conversely any modification to the order (quantity, status, etc..) is immediately visible in ERP. Through the HMI, the worker is able to identify and document any divergence from the planned lead time. Automatic, as well as manual messaging regarding quantities, rejects, productive and non-productive stoppages are enabled by recording a reason for stoppage.

Office Client for master/team leader
Worker client with an ergonomic touch screen for Worker

Downtimes are identified by the machine and if necessary, additional information may be added by the worker. Input devices include touch screens, personal identification chips, barcodes, RFID, etc. It is possible to connect peripheral devices such as gauges and printers, used, for instance, for pallet labels.

Other performance characteristics include safe and easy handling due to terminal specific configuration, touch screen aids, multi-lingual options and the choice of left or right hand operation. Because of sophisticated plausibility controls (Poka Yoke) and a maximum of information provided, the probability of inputting errors is considerably reduced while integrating the worker as an important factor.