SFM Production Controlling

Measuring the performance to optimise production

Transparency is key to the SFM (Shop Floor Management) philosophy. FORCAM FORCE™ creates this transparency in real-time by visualizing all SFM methods in detail. There is comprehensiveness from the beginning of the process to the recording of the signal by machine control, which ensures that the performance indicators (OEE, NEE, TEEP) for efficiency evaluation, are coherent. By means of configurable reports, as well as a variety of evaluations (machines, plant, etc.), weak points can be swiftly identified and corrected. Efficiency increases of up to 20% are easily achievable.


FORCAM FORCE™ Reporting comprises a great number of evaluations for the workplace, job, material and staff, allowing for invaluable insight regarding all production processes. Online evaluations visualize all production processes in detail graphically, as well as in table format. When exactly a component was manufactured and by which member of staff – all of that becomes immediately apparent. For even more detailed evaluations, the data will be compressed in relation to their shifts and the individual jobs.

Runtime process
Status diagram
Operational state in table form

The output, the number of rejects, the hits, the operational state of several Machines and the article (material) can be directly compared with each other. Furthermore, the question as to what caused a particular machine or article (material) error will be resolved. The hit-list function identifies the most common problems occurring at a workplace and which ones take longest to be rectified (e.g. Top-Ten, ABC- or Pareto-evaluations).

In addition to the reports provided, the Report Editor allows you to create your own evaluations.

Permissions management allows for access to reports that are especially tailored to a particular user group. Similarly, it is possible to define, whether all company data is accessible for all personnel, or only for select workplaces.