FORCAM FORCE™ Visualization provides either large LCD/Plasma or PC screens graphical displays creation. FORCAM FORCE™ allows you to view the current production status from anywhere in the world via a web browser. FORCAM offers state-of-the-art real-time production monitoring and visualization.


Individual machines, plants or hall layouts can be graphically visualized in real-time, including an integrated status indicator. The display of measurement readings and that of operational states are defined via a graphic, web based, editor.

Visualization shop-floor layout
Visualization Line

This is perfect for the realization of shop-floor layouts and the integration of pre-fabricated or self-provided reports.

The visualization is characterized by the flexibility and varying layouts that can be easily constructed to represent the shop floor layout with easy parameterization of graphics. Handling is as easy as using Microsoft PowerPoint®. Every icon can be linked to the machine data or the ready signal by the staff. Thus, status, changes in quantity or deviations from the desired limits, can be visualized. Predefined or customer specific reports may be integrated in the visualization. The visualization can be carried out either in Factory Framework or on any screen with an Internet browser (ANDON boards), or else, in Worker Client.

  • Web based application
  • Several views (e.g. production line or hall layout)
  • WYSIWYG – visualization in editing mode
  • Import of background images (common graphic formats)
  • Drag & Drop support configuration, facilitating the creation of new views