Recipe Management and Traceability

FORCAM FORCE™ collects processes and stores process relevant parameters such as power, temperature, pressure, etc. for subsequent automatic processing. Furthermore, the module process data also contains the elements Traceability and Formula (recipe) Management.


The event controlled data collection is carried out via a configurable data component without any intervention in the control. The visualization is freely configurable and recording is possible on a 100ms raster.

List of created products/ serial numbers

Factory Framework offers the option of data traceability based on charges, lots or single serialization. Using Traceability, it is possible to view information of a product such as, what, when, where and by whom a product has been manufactured, stored or shipped. A product can be identified either based on its serial number (Serial Number), or as an element of a group based on its charge number (Charge, Lot).

Characteristics of a product

Formulas / Settings
Factory Framework supplies the management with the parameters necessary for control. A formula describes the collection of parameter settings stored in one folder. The module manages the formula/ machine settings data for a variety of products in the shape of „data sheets“, transferring these automatically to and from the plants.