Production Data Management and DNC

The electronic production folder. All information needed for the work process is made available to the worker in real-time via our FORCAM‘s production data management. All related production data (NC programmes, tools 3D models, etc..) can be easily managed and visualized using freely definable search terms. Jobs are automatically adopted by the ERP system and linked to production relevant information. For instance, CADCAM, or PLM systems. Thus, depending on the work process, NC-programmes can be recalled and transmitted to various NC machine controls.


Here, manufacturing related data (NC programmes, drawings, setup sheets etc…) used at the worker client HMI, can be managed in a folder. Using freely definable key terms, these are visualised (electronic production folder) in Worker Client HMI (Touch).

Management in Office Client
Worker Client, transmission of NC programmes

The data import/ export for PLM / document management can run fully automatically. Besides being stored in a data base, all documents may also be stored in a separate file directory (e.g. emergency concept). NC Programme can be directly transmitted to the machine via DNC (triggered in Client or via control as a recall programme). Programmes retransmitted by the machine can be easily filtered and compared with the original programme. A fully automatic surveillance and protection of all NC programmes used is also possible (Auto-Compare). Manifold management options for the controlled and safe management of all production data complete the performance range.

Tool management
Further additional integration can be achieved using TDM systems. The tool management synchronises NC data management with job management and tool administration. Tools of a machine are included in the tool requirement calculation. Changes to the job backlog (planning), termination of jobs, tool breakage messages, are all included in a closed cycle

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