Adapter for SAP ERP

The Adapter for SAP ERP provides a seamless, bidirectional, real-time link between ERP and production (machine tools, assembly and process). The adapter was co-developed with IBM and is characterized by transparency and flexibility, regarding to the integration, clarity and controllability of the system.

Economic advantages of a lean integration solution: The adapter is implemented according to standard, no SAP standard modifications are necessary. Also, no additional SAP licences are required!


An ABAP programme runs in SAP which reads job data, machine capacity (shifts) and master data, and is then seamlessly transferred to FORCAM FORCE™. The data transfer conditions are configurable. The ready signal status for jobs, workplaces and individuals is carried out via individual transactions, all of which receive their own distinctive ID. In SAP, an MES-distributor collects all the data, carrying out all configurable actions. Due to the distinct ID all, ready signals are identifiable. Thus, by cancelling the original message and creating a new posting, each modification in FORCAM FORCE™ can be corrected in SAP (correction function).

Communication based on various technologies (RFC/IDOC, SOA, PI, …) permits, for instance:

  • Link-up via SAP-module PP to event-triggered supply of jobs, operations including all corresponding information such as additional tools, material, components
  • Ready Signal/ posting of shop-floor data (quantity, times) via all, ready signal data
  • Time recording (sign-in/ sign-out/ breaks), including the creation of payslips, e.g. for time pay, single or group piecework via SAP HR link-up or similar personnel systems
SAP – Factory Framework Integration
  • Continuous integration of maintenance processes (SAP PM)
  • Posting of quality messages and machine malfunctions in QM
  • Posting of goods issue, goods receipt, and various allocation elements from PS, CO, MM with services as recorded in MES
  • Consistent, linked-up corrections in MES and SAP