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Kare Technologies - Visual Warehouse (WMS)

Visual Warehouse is a full-featured, Radio Frequency- (RF-) based Warehouse Management System from KARE Technolgies that helps you manage inventory from receipt to shipment. Through the use of configuration options and switches, system behavior can be tailored to accommodate your specific business requirements. And because Visual Warehouse is a standard product, your investment is protected with regular upgrades and support. Visual Warehouse is a time-tested product that has been implemented globally across many industries.

Download the Visual Warehouse brochure to learn more about how this solution can help you manage your inventory.

Features & Benefits

  • Collects and validates real-time data through the use of bar codes and RF-handheld terminals.
  • Uses a variety of inventory tracking methods including lot number and serial number.
  • Supports both system-directed and user-directed operation, as well as multiple concurrent languages.
  • Provides complete material traceability from receiving to shipping.
  • Dramatically improves inventory accuracy.
  • Lowers operating costs through improved efficiency and productivity.
  • Ensures proper inventory rotation through FIFO and expiration material management.
  • Meets a variety of industry requirements through its scalability and flexibilty.
  • Works as a stand alone product or integrates with existing ERP, accounting, and shipping systems.

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